Double Penetrator Cock Ring

Double Penetrator Cock Ring

Double Penetrator Cock RingDescription: This cockring gives you the control and the power you need to penetrate every opening at once. It comes with a multi-speed bullet for testicular or clitoral stimulation. Your cock will stay rock hard in the stretchable jelly ring while you leave no hole unfilled. The batteries are included so you can start filling up holes right away! The double penetrator has a bendable spine for adjustability. It stands 6 inches tall and has a circumference of 3 ½ inches.
Manufacturer: Nasswalk

This double penetration cock ring is under $30 when purchased online, click here for ordering information

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Cock Rings

Cock Rings are for adult men to enhance their sexual experiences.

Cock rings can be used to keep an erection longer, and harder. Some cock rings are made for restraint, but most are used to kept a cock harder, longer. Once the cock is hard and you place a tight cock ring on you will restrcit the flow of back from exiting the penis.  Some men expereince a slight loss of sensitiviy when using a tight cock, which can lead to an even longer sexual performance. For this reason it is important to follow safety precations when using a cock ring for an extended period of time.  It is reccomended to follow the advice that is offered to penis pump users for safety.

Cock rings come in many shapes and sizes. We suggest using a multipack with differnt sizes to start out with. Once you find the size that isperfect for you, then consider different material that you will enjoy. Some people want to use leather cock rings and some people prefer the look and feel of plastic or silicone cock rings.